Building Developments

Bosch Projects has a long and successful history of providing engineering support to clients in the broader building sector.

Focus areas undertaken include retail and commercial buildings, offices, warehousing, up market residential estates, low cost housing, hotels, hospitals, clinics and tertiary institutions. This is applicable to both brown-field and green‑field sites.

Our services include assisting our clients in obtaining development rights, and implementing the engineering for the infrastructure and top structures necessary to bring a development to fruition.

We have in-house, the required engineering skills to undertake site enablement services, top structures (steel and concrete), full building services including HVAC, fire protection, refrigeration, elevators, escalators, kitchens, laundry’s, electrical, lighting, wet services, BMS (Building Managements Systems) and DMS (Demand Side Management), sustainability solutions including PV, smart grids, gray and rain water harvesting and space planning, thereby ensuring a one-stop shop for clients.

Our clients include private developers, industrialists, and government institutions who are developing their urban landholdings.

Bosch Projects has in-depth knowledge of developments establishment processes, ensuring seamless integration with the development teams including that of architects, quantity surveyors and specialist project managers.








Contact: Guy Perrins – Building Developments Director


Vision & Values

Our vision is to be a world class engineering and operations group that provides innovative solutions globally. Our business is fortified by adhering to a strong set of values including; integrity, delivery, people, accountability, teamwork, innovation and fun.

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