Bosch Projects is focused on providing project services and packaged solutions to its diverse industrial client base including the chemical, process ,FMCG, light and heavy industry, pulp and paper, and mining sectors. These are delivered utilizing full in-house multidisciplinary engineering and project management resources.

Bosch Projects are able to undertake the following types of projects:

  • Process and chemical plant designs and upgrades
  • FMCG plant upgrades
  • Bulk materials handling including conveyors and other handling plant, train and truck offloading stations, dust emission control and extraction plants, stores and stockyards, bins and silos reclaim systems, material sampling equipment, and out loading facilities for ships, rail and trucks
  • Specialised materials handling equipment plant
  • Liquid bulk handling and storage facilities, tanks, loading and unloading stations
  • Unit and freight handling and storage installations
  • Logistics studies and modelling
  • General  factory industrial services such as fire services, compressed air plants, potable water , pumping and power installations.

Major Achievements:

  • Designed a 32 000m2 factory space with 10km of process piping.
  • Construction of a 4MWe Biogas plant, which is the largest in Africa.
  • Designed a 42MW power plant integrated to both the factory and the Eskom grid for Mondi.
  • We have worldwide experience in the FMCG industries having designed rum plants in the Caribbean, alcohol plants in East Africa and modifications to margarine plants in West Africa and breweries in South Africa.
  • Designed a 750 000 tpa sugar packing plant in Egypt that produced and distributed a peak of 72 000 packs per hour.

Dave Chappelow – Industrial Sector Director


Guy Perrins – Industrial Sector Director


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