Project Management and Engineering

Project Management

Bosch Projects has a wide range of experience in providing Project Management services in all of the business sectors that the company operates. These can be delivered either as a combination with our other engineering disciplines or standalone. We are very conversant with both EPCM or EPC contracts.

Our project management systems are based on the PMBOK framework and aim to ensure our client’s project objectives are met in terms of safety, scope, quality, cost and time parameters. Whether the project is large, complex or multidisciplinary, we will strive to add the value required to ensure a successful project.

We can provide the following services to clients:

• Project Management
• Program Management – management of multiple linked projects for benefits realization
• Procurement and Contract Services (strategy and contract administration in all forms of contract)
• Risk Management
• Quality assurance
• Projects control including Cost and Schedule Management
• Construction management


Bosch Projects utilises state-of-the-art technology / software engineering packages for all of our engineering designs including process, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and control, hydraulics, structural, civil and road pavements etc.

We also utilize Building Information Modeling (BIM) processes, to ensure that our engineering projects are implemented intelligently, accurately and efficiently. As part of this process we use in- house 3D laser scanning technology to survey complex structures, piping, equipment, buildings, bridges and tunnels providing fast and accurate as-built data of existing facilities. This information is used as a basis for the development of an intelligent 3D model which integrates the engineering information and deliverables of all engineering disciplines into one, single environment. This intelligent model interfaces with time and cost management tools to add 4D and 5D BIM processes into the package of services which we can offer. All of this brings value to our clients by minimizing errors and reducing engineering time during the design phase, minimizing wastage and time during the construction phase and preserving information for the owner or operator after project handover.

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