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Bosch Projects is an expert sugar and ethanol engineering and technology company that provides cost effective, quality solutions through innovative engineering in order to meet the needs of our Clients.

Over 50 years of serving the sugar industry has resulted in an impressive range of capabilities.

We provide the following professional services to Clients:

•  Strategic Planning and Feasibility Studies
•  Sugar Technology Selection
•  Project Structuring and Funding
•  Design and Engineering
•  Project Delivery
•  Operational Support and Training

Bosch Projects has also with our extensive involvement in the sugar industry developed a state of the art equipment range that delivers cost effective, high efficiency performance and industry leading reliability.

A global manufacturing and supply chain ensures the competitive and prompt delivery of equipment to all sugar producing regions.

Our equipment range includes typically the following:

•  The patented Bosch Projects chainless diffuser
•  Cane unloaders, Feeder tables and Rock and sand removal systems
•  Cane preparation equipment
•  Rotary juice screens , Juice heaters and clarifiers
•  Long Tube and Modular Evaporators and Entrainment separators
•  Continuous vacuum pans (A, B & C)
•  Vertical C massecuite reheaters
•  Sugar dryers
•  Refined sugar conditioning silos
•  Bagasse reclaim systems
•  Ash water clarifiers
•  Whole-stick and Heavy duty cane shredders
•  Vertical crystallisers
•  Batch Pans

Major Achievements:

  • Patented the Bosch Projects Chainless diffuser and high performance continuous vacuum pan (CVP).
  • Designed and supplied the widest diffuser in the world (16.5 m) and the largest capacity diffuser in the world (21 500 TCD).
  • Pioneered Lamella Clarification technology in the sugar industry.
  • Designed and supplied over 300 items of sugar processing equipment to the industry since 2002.
  • Dedicated research and development division.
  • Global presence with office in Brazil, South Africa, United Kingdom and Kenya and technology partners in Thailand, India, Brazil and the United States of America.
  • EPCM consultants for and equipment suppliers to the award winning Nakambala Product Alignment and Refinery Project.
  • Ubombo expansion project – Largest brownfield expansion project in Africa.
  • EPCM consultants for the Komati greenfield sugar mill project implementation – latest greenfield sugar mill built in South Africa.
  • Rehabilitation of the Kagera Sugar Mill in a remote location.
  • Designed and supplied 61 patented Bosch Projects high performance continuous vacuum pans (CVP’s) globally.




Steve Rosettenstein – Sugar and Sugar Equipment Sector Director





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