Water projects undertaken by Bosch Projects range from feasibility studies and consulting services, to engineering and project management of large water sector infrastructure projects.

The unit offers a wide range of engineering services delivered by experienced teams. These cover the full spectrum of water sector projects including water resource studies, hydrology and flood control, river abstraction, dams, water treatment, distribution, storage and pump stations. Projects cater for urban and rural water supply as well as large-scale irrigation schemes.

Bosch Projects are able to undertake the following types of projects:

  • Water resources planning and studies
  • Hydrological studies and flood control
  • Flood protection works
  • Feasibility and planning studies
  • River abstraction works
  • Water treatment works
  • Bulk water pipelines
  • Reservoirs, towers and dams
  • Pump stations and river abstractions
  • Water reticulation networks
  • Upgrading and refurbishment of existing water infrastructure
  • Urban and rural water schemes
  • Non-revenue and water demand management
  • Hydraulic analysis of water distribution networks
  • Water hammer analysis of bulk water schemes
  • Water recycling infrastructure

Major Achievements:

  • Water supply includes dams (largest 68m), pipelines 1.8m diameter), pump stations (3.25MW) and reservoirs (210Ml), treatment (30Ml/day).
  • Reticulation and assessment of non revenue water for the cities of Harare, Bulawayo, and Johannesburg.
  • Wastewater includes treatment (70Ml per day), pump stations, trunk sewers (1,5m diameter) and reticulation.
  • Project for eThekwini CABS programme serving 500 000 people received 3 international awards.
  • Storm water includes urban reticulation, attenuation facilities, SUD’s flood lines and flood protection (handling 10 000m3/s)
  • Agricultural includes, irrigation (185 000ha) drainage, agronomy and mechanisation.

Andy Knox RET

Contact: Andy Knox – Water Sector Director

Email: knoxa@boschprojects.co.za

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