Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality

Bosch Projects together with WK Construction are working on a phased project to address the sewerage requirements, for the western suburbs of the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality. The first phase of this project was to construct a 1850m long, 1500mm diameter concrete HDPE lined sewer, which consists of 26 manhole structures, 1 diversion chamber and 1 division chamber and bulk earthworks. The phase started from the Driftsands Waste Water Treatment Works and terminates at the ACSA boundary, at the Port Elizabeth airport runway. One of the important components to this contract is that it required emerging subcontractors to be developed allowing 25 % of the contract value to be awarded to these subcontractors. This has resulted in 20 emerging sub-contractors being employed and developed through the main contractor. This phase of the project is still in progress and completion is set for November 2018.


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