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Assessing an existing bulk water infrastructure in Kwa-Zulu Natal

Bosch Projects were recently awarded a project to assess the existing bulk water infrastructure at the Sampofu Water Treatment Works (WTW) which abstracts water from the Tugela Ricer in Kwa-Zulu Natal.  IN addition to the existing abstraction works an assessment of the raw water pump station was completed to determine if the infrastructure was capable of producing 11Mℓ/d, which is existing capacity of the WTW. 

Bosch Projects were also tasked to determine if the abstraction works and raw water pump station were capable of producing 22Mℓ/d when the Sampofu WTW was upgraded to 22Mℓ/d to supply Phase 2 of the Msinga Bulk Water Supply Scheme.

An assessment of the hydraulics in the Tugela River revealed that the concrete encased irrigation siphon would need to be raised by 170mm in order to create a weir, and to allow 22Mℓ/d to flow through the existing intake works located on the southern bank of the Tugela River.

A further analysis of the existing raw water pump station revealed that the existing pump set was not capable of providing 11Mℓ/d to the works, and a new set of pumps wold need to be installed (one duty, one standby).  Pipework modifications would also be required, as well as modifications to the MCC panel.

When the Sampofu WTW is upgraded to 22Mℓ/d, a third pump will need to be added to the raw water pump station where the pump philosophy will be two pumps on duty and one on standby.

The upgrades recommended above would enable the majority of the Msinga Local Municipality to obtain water from a reliable water source (Tugela River) and discard the boreholes which no longer function. 

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