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Sugar Equipment

Leading technology at the heart of our Client’s performance

Working closely with our dedicated research and development department, Bosch Projects has developed a state-of-the-art equipment range that delivers cost effective, high efficiency performance and industry leading reliability to our Clients. Our innovative equipment includes the patented CVP, patented chainless diffuser, lamella clarifier and our vertical reheater to mention a few of the leading technologies which we offer.

Extensive operational and design experience ensures that our sugar equipment is continuously optimized to meet the needs of our Clients’ continuous improvement initiatives. Over 300 items of Bosch Projects equipment have been installed since 2002 and are operating successfully in Asia, Africa, and North and South America, through our global manufacturing and supply chain.

Our equipment range includes the following:

Cane Offloading & Preparation

  • Cane unloaders
  • Feeder tables
  • Rock and sand removal systems
  • Cane preparation equipment
  • Whole-stick and heavy-duty cane shredders

Cane Juice Extraction

  • The patented Bosch Projects chainless diffuser
  • Rotary juice screens

Juice Heating

  • Mixed juice, clear juice and scalding juice heaters
  • Direct contact heaters


  • Lamella clarifier
  • Short retention type clarifiers
  • Ash water clarifiers


  • Long tube evaporators
  • Modular evaporators
  • Entrainment separators
  • Roberts evaporators
  • Steam transformers


  • Continuous vacuum pans (A, B & C duty)
  • Batch pans
  • Vertical crystallisers
  • Vertical C massecuite reheaters
  • Strike receivers
  • Seed receivers
  • Minglers

Sugar Drying

  • Sugar dryers

Boilers & Bagasse Handling

  • Bagasse reclaim systems
  • Sieve plate scrubbers
  • Bagacillo screens

General Equipment

  • Condensate receivers
  • Entrainment separators
  • Conveyors
  • Knock-out pots

Refinery Equipment

  • Melt heaters
  • Batch pans
  • Evaporators
  • Remelters
  • Dryers
  • Refined sugar conditioning silos

Neil du Plessis: Sector Manager – Sugar Equipment

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