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Chainless Diffuser

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Reduced Capital Cost

Easy Capacity Expansion

Improved Extraction

Simple Operation and Maintenance

Low Energy Demand

Short Construction Period

Eliminate Mud Losses

The Bosch Projects Chainless Diffuser

  • Unlike chain-type diffusers, the Bosch Projects Chainless Diffuser is modular and can have its capacity easily expanded.
  • No expensive gearbox, head shaft, chains or heavy steelwork.
  • No expensive chain replacement every 10 years.
  • No expensive spare parts.
  • The Bosch Projects Chainless Diffuser concept can be retrofitted into an existing chain-type diffuser.

Unique Features of the Bosch Projects Chainless Diffuser

  • The capital cost of conventional diffusers is 50-70% less than a milling train for similar performance. The Bosch Projects Chainless Diffuser will save another 30-40% in comparison to a conventional diffuser.
  • Maintenance costs of diffusers are approximately 50-60% of mills.
  • Diffusers are easy to operate. With simple instrumentation, one diffuser operator is sufficient.
  • It is easy to achieve 98% extraction by diffusion.
  • Low power consumption. A diffuser requires approximately 2.2 kW/tch; a milling train requires approximately 8.2 kW/tch. This is almost 2 MW saving on a 300 tch plant.
  • Diffusers fit co-generation, using less high pressure but more process steam.
  • A diffuser factory requires no mud filters. Cake losses are eliminated and there are substantial capital and maintenance savings from eliminating the entire filter station and associated bagacillo, vacuum and cooling plant.

Neil Du Plessis: Sector Manager – Sugar Equipment


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