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Malukazi Pump station Project successfully completed

The design and construction of the Malukazi Bulk Sewer project including Malukazi Pump station, has been successfully completed and within the allocated R32 million budget. The project entailed civil design including the pump station design review, a temporary pump station, bulk and reticulation sewer infrastructure, roads and stormwater rehabilitation and the environmental management of water course. The electrical and mechanical components included pump and pipework design, ventilation design, lighting and electrical supply, lightning protection and telemetry.

The construction of the pump station was governed by the concrete superstructure which was previously partially completed in Phase 2 of the sanitation project considering the complexities due to the excessive ground water ingress. In addition, interim communal ablution facilities sewer flows had to be dealt with through the introduction of a temporary pump station, then converted into the overflow chamber at completion of the pump station. Despite the numerous challenges affecting the continuity of work and contractual issues with contractors, the project was successfully completed within budget and to the highest level of quality. There was a large co-ordination management component for coordinating the sub-specialists on the project, together with the contractors (eg mechanical, ventilation, fire, geotechnical, electrical, roads and earthing contractors)

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