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R67 facelift between Makhanda and Fort Beaufort

The repair and resurfacing of the R67 between Makhanda (formerly Grahamstown) and Fort Beaufort in the Easter Cape for SANRAL has been completed.

The project, which primarily involved the surfacing of the existing gravel shoulders to widen the surfaced roadway from 6.4m to 8m improving the safety standard of the road is complete.

Community development was the key focus of the project with 22 local subcontractors employed for various parts of the works in order to achieve the targeted enterprise expenditure set by SANRAL. The works included:

  • Subsoil drains
  • Concrete-lined drains
  • Concrete foot paths and edge beams
  • Earthworks for rest areas
  • Finishing of the road reserve
  • Fencing
  • Road signs
  • Installation of roadside furniture at rest areas
  • Construction of a roadside vendor area.
  • Refurbishment of a historical monument along the route.
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