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Telkom Park Stadium Demolition

Bosch Projects branch in Port Elizabeth have been assigned as the structural engineers and project managers for the demolition of the Telkom Park Stadium.  This stadium originally named the Boet Erasmus Stadium was named after Boet Erasmus who was the former Mayor of PE.  Primarily for rugby union matches this stadium had the capacity to hold  32 852 people.  The scope for this project was the demolition of 22 buildings, including the main stadium.  All of the precinct buildings have already been demolished which comprised predominantly of reinforced concrete construction with total bulked volumes approaching 10 000m3.  The original intention was to separate brick and concrete materials and crush the material on site, to a predetermined specification and stockpile it for later use, but due to undefined time frames for the next phase of the precinct development the local environmental authority was not comfortable having the re purposed material stored on site, so it was reverted back to disposing the material.  Although building rubble is often seen as waste it can be crushed and used in selected layer works for roads, selected underfloor fills and embankment fills.

One of the requirements for this project was the use of local labour. 15 % was to be spent on local labour, the proportions of workers from the Contractors had to be at least, 40 % female workers, 60 % youth and 2 % disabled workers. Bosch Projects also employed specialists to look into the heritage aspects as well as the relevant authorisations required.  A detailed assessment was also done on noise and dust which could have impacted on residents from the demolition works.

This project is expected to be complete by mid-September 2018.

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