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Two new A & C continuous vertical crystallisers

Bosch Projects has been hard at work at a sugar mill north of Durban, installing two continuous vertical crystallisers both A and C. These are installed in sections due to the complexity of the location, as there is no access for cranes so all components need to be rigged into position. Both crystallisers comprise of 6 strakes, with each strake being split into halves to allow for ease of transport, rigging and installation. The top strake is installed first and then hoisted up to allow for the proceeding strake halves to be brought into position and welded up, once the two halves are joined the new strake is welded to the strake above. This process is followed until all 6 strakes are in-place. All 6 strakes have been installed and welded together on the A-Crystalliser, leaving only the installation of ancillaries, pumps and piping. The installation of 5 strakes have been completed on the C-Crystalliser, and is on track to be fully assembled by the beginning of March. Once completed the focus will shift to the installation of piping and ancillaries. For more information contact Neil du Plessis on

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