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World leaders in sugar process technology

Over the past 20 years Bosch Projects’ Equipment division has developed an extensive range of sugar processing equipment. This equipment is mostly developed in-house through our dedicated research and development division and has input from our vast network of experienced associate sugar consultants and technologists.

Our patented and world leading Continuous Vacuum Pan (CVP) design has become a trusted favourite amongst many of the worlds biggest sugar processing groups. When supplying a CVP for C boiling’s, we prefer to offer the full C station, which includes the CVP, Continuous Vertical Crystalliser and the Continuous Massecuite Reheater. This way we can guarantee the client a high total C station exhaustion.

The Bosch Projects reheater is unique in that it is vertically orientated.  The majority of massecuite reheaters are horizontally orientated.  Performance of a vertical reheater is considerably better than that of a horizontal unit as the massecuite rises as it is heated, thus following natural convection tendencies.  Horizontal reheaters often have overheated channels of massecuite near the top and static cool areas at the bottom.  

In 2019 Bosch Projects had successfully sold and commissioned 4 massecuite reheaters around the globe and since then, have submitted further proposals for another 4 units to customers who are keen on changing their current design to the  Bosch Projects reheater.  Clients are offered either a full turn key installation or the stand-alone equipment. 

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